Data collected from across North America shows “Procedure Clarity” is a major source of error that is overlooked by the industry. Clear and concise procedures, standardized on plant operations that have objective assessments, are foundational building blocks to ensure field operator competency and deliver predictable process performance. Yet operators are consistently challenged by a lack of clarity and sometimes correctness of their procedures, combined with inconsistent training.

On 23 March at 13:30 EST, we’ll be joining Oil & Gas IQ for a deep dive into the problem, showing a solution that solves these challenges across refining and petrochemicals. …

A growing number of process industry players are turning to simulation technology in 2021 to increase productivity, reduce downtime and improve safety.

On 25 February at 11:00 EST, we’ll be joining Oil & Gas IQ for a webinar to explore how global companies are using digital replicas and procedure simulators to reduce unplanned downtime. You can sign up here.

The challenges of field operations management have been exacerbated by the recent pandemic. In this case study driven webinar, we will look at real examples of how the improper completion of critical tasks and procedures can lead to unplanned downtime, environmental…

Madrid, Spain / Houston, Texas — Today we’re delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Seed Group (a company of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum) to empower process industry leaders to use simulation technology to improve knowledge automation across the MENA region.

The agreement will allow us to expand our customer base beyond the US and Europe to a wider range of companies in the petrochemical and manufacturing industry in the Middle East and North Africa region, leveraging Seed Group’s local expertise to enable more plants to improve operator competency and reduce downtime.

Hisham Al…

Madrid, Spain / Houston, Texas - Moira Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on investing in sustainable growth and innovation with medium to long-term value creation, has invested $18 million in Voovio Technologies to help fund its growth in the global industrial manufacturing sector. Voovio Technologies is now in its growth phase working with the biggest names in the petrochemical, specialty chemical and refining industries, such as BASF, Dupont, Praxair, Suncor, and Total with a proven patented technology, called Enhanced Reality, for delivery asset-visualization and simulator solutions.

Javier Loizaga, Chairman and founder of Moira Capital, met Voovio in 2019…

Reducing unplanned downtime and increasing asset utilization are the single biggest opportunities for financial improvement in operations. These opportunities typically generate very high returns due to the low requirements for new capital investment. Most industry experts refer to these strategic priorities as means to “unleashing the hidden plant”.

Industry benchmark studies show that most companies are deploying “early failure” strategies to detect equipment/process issues and evidently reduce unplanned downtime and increase asset utilization. These strategies include technologies such as; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Monte Carlo Simulation, Reliability Centered Maintenance, Predictive Analysis, PPM Optimization, Industrial Integrity of Things, Reliability of Indoor…

Humans are good visual learners. And we are even better action learners.

We learn better by seeing how something is done rather than by reading it. Language, regardless of dialect, is complex and requires interpretation by the person doing the reading. The same words, when read by different individuals, could be interpreted in multiple different ways. When dealing with procedures, this increases the probability of inconsistency in how the task is executed. The journey from apprenticeship to mastership can only be accomplished through action: we really learn best by doing. …

A turnaround (TAR) is a planned shutdown of a unit or plant for scheduled maintenance activities, including revamp or renewal of equipment. Many activities must be executed during a strict, pre-defined timeframe. Major challenges during a turnaround lie in completing large numbers of activities and restoring the ‘reliability and integrity’ of the facility based on the goals and plans set out in the Corporate Business Plan.

Turnarounds are complex. They require extensive (seamless) planning, resource mobilization and optimization to ensure successful completion, most which is executed in an environment of scarce resources. …

Industrial infrastructure and processes are increasingly complex and automated. Yet human supervision and control remain a crucial part of industrial operations. Inevitably, we (humans) make mistakes. It’s in our nature. There are many factors at play here: inadequate training is the most common cause of equipment failure [1]; lack of clear and correct procedures; experienced operators leaving the organization; people relying on memory rather than following checklists; external factors affect our performance e.g. conditions can be noisy with extreme temperatures, stress, fatigue, etc.

The ASM Consortium publishes a regular list of incidents in the process industries globally.[2] Within a 5…

This report reviews how the industry brings reality to the screen and how real world operations and processes can be replicated (simulation) to help field operators perform their tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency.

In this report we will review:

  • Visualization Technologies. Pros and Cons.
  • Visualization Technologies and Simulation.


Some technologies replicate reality exactly as the human eye sees it, although by and large, a visualization technology is any technique used to create a visual representation and to communicate a message.

In this article we will analyze:

  • Photographs
  • Spherical Panoramas
  • Video / Spherical Videos
  • Computer Generated 3D Model
  • Enhanced Reality


Access to information boosts productivity and reduces risk. There is no doubt that businesses make more money and have fewer accidents if their employees have the right information, when they need it. Digital solutions enable easy access to critical information: they are faster than paper-based systems and ensure standardization across business units.

Increasingly digital solutions, including mobile ones, are being used for a growing number of operational applications in the process industries. Field operators input readings, access documentation and technical drawings, track assets and inventory, and don’t need to spend time pen-pushing. …


Enhanced Reality is the new technology for field operators. Boost productivity in executing procedures & eliminate risks/errors in operations + maintenance!

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